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Steve Morgan formally opens new Maggie’s cancer support centre funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation

The centre was completely commissioned, designed, built and funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation to replace the previous interim centre which opened in 2014, and has given the charity more space, allowing its team of professional staff to deliver more of their core programme, courses and support groups. 

Mr Morgan, CBE, chairman of the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “I feel a sense of overwhelming pride at opening Maggie’s Wirral at the Steve Morgan Foundation Building.

When my wife Sally first introduced the foundation to Maggie’s all those years ago we had no idea that it would be the start of a journey that would end with the opening of this wonderful facility.

There are 18,000 new cancer diagnoses every year in Merseyside and Cheshire alone, but each case is different and the new building at Maggie’s Wirral really reflects that.

The centre is welcoming, calm and peaceful. It’s a place where patients and their families can relax and reflect away from home or hospital whilst gaining the emotional or practical support they may need.

It is a lot more spacious than the previous interim centre and the library and private rooms offer individual and family support space away from the openness of the centre.

The new building has already enabled Maggie’s to support more people with cancer in a centre that has been described by staff as truly uplifting and inspirational.

It’s a proud day for the Steve Morgan Foundation, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and we’re already looking forward to starting construction work on the next Maggie’s at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.”

Today’s formal opening comes three months after Maggie’s moved its programme of support to the new centre. Since then the average number of visits to the centre has more than doubled.

25 years' of professional support

Maggie’s has 25 years’ experience of supporting people with free cancer support and information in centres across the UK. The charity puts people with cancer at the heart of everything they do and believes that everyone should have access to professional psychological and emotional support to help change the way they live with cancer.  

Whilst Maggie’s knows that there is a lot of value in digital support, they also know that face-to-face support is incredibly important. The new centre is open to see people alongside its digital support. Support by professional staff is available face to face in the centre or by phone, email or online to help people with stress, fear and anxiety as well as money worries and questions about treatment. 

  • In the new centre the library and private rooms are used as individual, one to one and family support space away from the openness of the centre which has opened the doors to more people who are not ready for group support.
  • The centre has large windows filling the centre with light and offering panoramic views over country fields allowing visitors to find peace amongst nature and countryside whilst embracing the indoor warmth so intrinsic to Maggie’s.
  • Inside the centre is focused around an open plan kitchen with space for a kitchen table, whilst outside a large garden gives staff and visitors alike a beautiful landscaped space creating a comforting, home from home where visitors feel safe and uplifted.

Dame Laura Lee, Chief Executive at Maggie’s, said: “It’s fantastic to be here for the formal opening of our new Wirral centre and to see how it is already supporting the people who need it most, especially at a time when people living with cancer need our support more than ever.

We couldn’t have done it without the extremely generous support of the Steve Morgan Foundation. Their support in commissioning, designing, building and funding this centre, as well as two others – a brand new Maggie’s to be developed on the grounds of the New Royal Liverpool Hospital in the city centre, and another in North Wales – is the only way we would have been able to support as many people as possible across the region.”

Maggie’s helps people take back control when cancer turns life upside down, with support for anything from treatment side effects to money worries. The centres’ professional teams provide help and information and run groups and activities, all designed to make coping with cancer easier. 

Liz Bishop, Chief Executive of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It is wonderful to know people being treated at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Wirral will now be supported at the new permanent Maggie’s.

We have seen how beneficial Maggie’s professional, practical, emotional and psychological support has been since the interim centre was built on site and we know the new centre will provide support to many more people at what is possibly the hardest time of their lives.”

Kathy Wright, Centre Head of Maggie’s Wirral, said: “Our new centre has given us more space which means, when possible, our professional staff are able to deliver more of our core programme, courses and support groups.  It’s wonderful to have a permanent centre here on the Wirral and to see so many people coming in to make the most of the support already. 

We are also seeing more complex psychological and emotional distress because of the trauma experienced by people living with cancer during this pandemic and I am delighted we are here to support then at a time when they need us more than ever.”

Cassie's story

Cassie Mitchell is living with secondary breast cancer. 

The 43 year-old often visited the old centre but since the purpose built centre opened at the end of June she has been visiting more often.

She said: The experience of cancer has taken my future from me and my future with my family. My children need me to be a mum, so I don’t get to be a cancer patient apart from the days I attend appointments. My treatment days are very long, and this is when I spend most of my time at Maggie’s, it’s my safe haven.

Maggie’s has been a godsend for me and the friendships I’ve made at Maggie’s, have really helped over the last few years. I know the days would be much tougher without a Maggie’s Centre here. A new centre with more space was definitely needed and now it’s a reality. It can now provide the support for my family and I in the future and for so many more people for a long time to come.

Supporting Maggie's centres

A second Maggie’s commissioned, designed, built and funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation is planned within the grounds of the New Royal Liverpool Hospital in the city centre once the new Maggie’s Wirral facilities are operational, this centre will also support patients from Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool.

The site for Maggie's at the Royal Liverpool has been agreed, but the design work hasn't yet begun. It is hoped construction will begin at the earliest in 2022. 

A third centre in North Wales is also in the early stages of development.

Get in touch

Visit Maggie's Wirral to find out more about the programme of support offered or to get involved with fundraising or call 01513 344 301.

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Players of People’s Postcode Lottery help us in so many ways

The funding we receive from players of the People's Postcode Lottery is unrestricted, which means we can be more responsive and allocate funds where they are needed most.

The money allows us to support people with cancer in many ways, including:

  • developing new aspects of our programme of support including sessions to help people with cancer manage key relationships
  • hosting live discussions looking at the most important issues facing people living with cancer
  • running webinars where we looked back at our 25 years of expertise to help people return to their workplace


Cancer, Children and Coronavirus live virtual event

A live panel discussion with Amanda Procter, Centre Head at Maggie's Leeds and Cat Lyle who is supported by the centre, hosted by BBC Scotland's Broadcaster and Journalist Stephen Jardine.


Cat Lyle

Cat is supported by Maggie’s Leeds and was a guest panellist on the Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"I don’t know how many times I had to hide a tear-stained face from the kids, I would tell them I was just a bit hot. I was hiding how ill I was, the children just thought I’d had ‘a bit of an operation’. 

"I felt so much ‘mummy guilt’, I felt like I was completely disorganised with home-schooling – it was just so much to deal with on my own.

"I could tell the kids were worried about me but speaking to the psychologist at Maggie's really helped me by giving me the chance to talk about the things I really needed to talk about and get my life back on track.

"Taking part in the 'Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' event was a cathartic process for me to tell my story and to help others who were experiencing similar challenges throughout the coronavirus pandemic."

Stephen Jardine

BBC broadcaster and host of the Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"It was a humbling experience to hear Cat talk about how she has coped with being a single mum with cancer during a pandemic, I really don’t know how she found the strength.

"I am so glad Maggie’s has been there for her, and I am grateful to Maggie’s and players of People’s Postcode Lottery for putting on this live event to discuss cancer, children and coronavirus, which has been helpful to many others in similar situations."

Amanda Procter

Centre Head at Maggie’s Leeds and guest panellist on the Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"Coronavirus has impacted everyone, but we know it has been particularly tough on people living with cancer.

"What was fantastic about the 'Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' event is that it helped shine a light on how the pandemic has also affected children of parents living with cancer.

"It has clearly been utterly exhausting, draining and stressful for many families, but we have been supporting many throughout and, thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters, such as players of People’s Postcode Lottery, we are here with all people living with cancer, as well as their family and friends."

Nicola Rankin

Nicola attended the ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"When I’m worried about something, I like to talk things through but when my partner Andy is worried, he tends to shut down and I find this really difficult.

"That’s where the Young Women’s Group at Maggie’s really helped. I was hearing from other people who were in the same boat as me – their partners didn’t want to talk things over and over, so and it was good to be able to listen to each other and talk things through. We really support each other. 

"Maggie’s also held a live virtual event in partnership with People’s Postcode Lottery – hosted by Stephen Jardine – discussing cancer, children and coronavirus and I found this really helpful to hear from Cat Lyle from Leeds who has had breast cancer and also struggled with her relationship during lockdown. It let me see that lots of people were having relationship difficulties and it wasn’t just me."

Nicola is now looking forward to getting married to her partner Andy in October.

Return to Work webinar supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery

A live recording of Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery’s online event offering advice to organisations on how to support employees in their return to the office or workplace following the coronavirus lockdowns.

Feedback from the webinar

"It was a really useful hour and so informative. Emphasised the fact that everyone will be feeling and dealing with things in different ways. 

"Sometimes there is the expectation that you should carry on as if you've never been away, but good to feel that if you or your team don't feel that way right away it's totally normal. Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"I've attended many sessions about 'return to offices' and this one has been the best as its focus was specifically about individuals, rather than the practical elements of safe return. I really enjoyed it, thank you."

"The session was insightful and the conversation was very interesting. I think that is a hot topic for most companies as they are inviting staff to work and sometimes the emotional side of it is not properly assessed.

"For me as HR, I am doing my best to try to spot when someone needs support but the remote working is making it impossible to even spot this need.

"I will take this information and apply it as we are drafting policies of flexible working and thinking of how to create a safe space, from all points of view."

People's Postcode Lottery and Maggie's

Read more about our partnership and how you can get involved.

We're here for you in our centres, on the phone and by email. Find your nearest Maggie's for details of how to get in touch.

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Maggie's Southampton open and supporting people

Like all our centres, the professional team provide help and information and run groups and activities, all designed to make coping with cancer easier.

The centre is open to see people alongside digital support. By appointment or by dropping in if in the hospital anyway. Support by professional staff is available face to face in the centre or by phone, email or online to help people with stress, fear and anxiety as well as money worries and questions about eating well and sleep.

Supporting Alyson

Alyson Lownie has been supported by the centre since March 2021 as she finished her last cycle of chemotherapy for lung cancer. The centre team helped Alyson to not only manage her own cancer but also to come to terms with her youngest son's diagnosis just three months after her own. She visits the centre for information and support and a comfortable and safe place to wait whilst her son undergoes chemotherapy. 

Alyson Lownie said:
To me, Maggie’s is a place where I do not have to filter how I am feeling or the latest news on my treatment. I can speak honestly and not worry about the impact my words will have. Living with cancer is just that, living. It’s not all about treatment, at Maggie’s you’ll find patients and their families sharing stories and information about cancer but also talking about their weekend, signing up for classes, and laughing. If you don’t want to join in then no one will mind, you will be welcomed and left to have a cup of tea, read a book or just gather your thoughts. Maggie’s is an oasis of calm in the turbulence of life with cancer.

Working in partnership with University Hospital Southampton

University Hospital Southampton (UHS) NHS Foundation Trust is the specialist cancer hub for Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands and last year alone, over 22,500 people from these areas received a new cancer diagnosis, highlighting the importance of the new centre which can now provide much needed free support to those living with cancer as well as their family and friends.  The support in the centre complements the treatments received by people of all ages and with any type of cancer, as well as the research taking place at Southampton hospital.

David French, chief executive of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust said:
The new Maggie’s is a fantastic facility and is already making a real difference to our patients and their families. The centre provides a breathing space away from the hospital where patients can meet people who understand what they’re going through or just take a quiet moment to reflect. I am delighted that we’re working together to enhance the range of cancer care services on offer in our hospital to support our patients.

Architecture and design

The centre has been designed by AL_A, the award-winning architecture studio founded by RIBA Stirling Prize-winning architect Amanda Levete with landscaping by Sarah Price.

At Maggie’s we know that great design and architecture can help the people in need of support feel better – and also to help the professional staff to give the best possible cancer support. The new centre is a unique place that fits perfectly into its surroundings – a home from home that’s designed to feel nothing like a hospital.

The centre is a calm, friendly and welcoming place, full of light and warmth. It has a kitchen table at its heart, offers glimpses and views of nature and provides thoughtful spaces to find privacy, as well as places to come together as a group.

Dame Laura Lee, Chief Executive at Maggie’s said:
I am absolutely thrilled with our newest centre designed by Amanda Levete and her team at AL_A. They have interpreted our brief beautifully and their exacting attention to detail has created a stunning building with large windows that flood the centre with natural light. Their play on inside and outside space and the close working relationship with landscaper Sarah Price has created a garden that will give people with cancer and our staff views of greenery on all sides. Intimate rooms allow for privacy whilst the communal spaces bring people together around a kitchen table to share their stories and support one another.

Amanda Levete, Principal of AL_A said:
We have imagined that a piece of garden has been transported from the New Forest into the midst of the hospital’s concrete landscape, bringing serenity and a bit of magic to the place.

Sarah Price said:
In making this garden I wanted to bring nature closer to people. I’ve chosen plants that bring atmosphere throughout the seasons. A closely knitted composition of trees - birch with creamy pink stems, Prunus serrula with shiny cherry-red bark and the aromatic scent of Scots Pine will greet visitors to the centre, transporting them into a beautiful woodland glade.

Get in touch

For more information about Maggie's Southampton or to find out how we can support you, please call us on 023 8212 4549 and follow us on Facebook @maggiesinsouthampton and Twitter @maggiessoton for the latest news and stories.

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